About us

At Nobi we believe everyone has the right to spend their golden years in a safe and happy environment. Sadly, our aging populations are forcing us to rethink how we organize our healthcare system. The way things stand now, quality elder care is faltering. In order to insure the wellbeing of our senior citizens, we need to come up with smart solutions.

Living at home happily, for as long as possible

Smart technologies such as Nobi are shedding an interesting light on the future of healthcare. Our smart lamp ensures help can quickly be provided after a fall and restores a sense of safety and peace of mind. That way Nobi makes sure people can continue to live in a familiar environment. This also relieves the pressure on professional care facilities such as residential care centers or geriatric wards.

partners of caregivers

Nobi has also become a valued partner of nursing staff in professional care environments such as residential care centres and hospitals. Our lamps allow nursing staff to tend to the care of their patients or residents by relieving them of tasks that are not directly related to people’s well-being. That way, they can focus on what gives their job true meaning and tend to what truly matters. They can bring back a sense of warmth by caring for patients who would otherwise risk being left in the dark.

Nobi facts

The kick-off
Nobi was founded in 2018 by Roeland Pelgrims, Stijn Verrept and Bert De Haes.
International presence
Today it’s a well-oiled machine with 40 employees operating in the United States, Canada, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.
Local manufacturing
To protect quality and privacy to the greatest extent possible, we opted for local manufacturing in 2022. All lamps are assembled in Flanders, in close cooperation with our head office.
Product optimisation
Every lamp is carefully tested and adjusted - both the software and hardware - with the aim of total optimisation. Our lamps are tested in pilot projects in residential care homes around the world. So you can be sure you're getting a top-notch product.


Roeland Pelgrims

co-founder and CEO

Stijn Verrept

co-founder and CTO

Bert De Haes

co-founder and Head of Innovation


For Investors

Roeland Pelgrims


For Partners

Sebastiaan Bas

Head of international business development