Living longer at home when diagnosed with dementia

September, 21st 2022
By: Liesbeth Pyck

1 on 5 risks being diagnosed with dementia in his or her life. Although there is still no cure, people with dementia can keep on living at home ever longer when supported by organizations such as ‘t MoNUment Mechelen, an information, demonstration and meeting place for people with dementia and their caregivers. Nobi was chosen by caregivers to be part of its innovation demonstration center where visitors discover the newest innovations to support people with dementia and their carers. Nobi does this by not only providing safety, but above all, by giving peace of mind. An important aspect in helping people to stay as long as possible at home, the place they know best.

In this video, Vivianne testifies about her role as informal carer for her husband who was diagnosed with young onset dementia. She explains how technology like Nobi could help them to stay together at home for as long as possible. Alderwoman Rina Rabau Nkandu also talks about the role the city of Mechelen wants to play for people with dementia. Not only by investing in organizations such as ‘t MoNUment that support people with dementia in their daily life, but also by bringing supportive technologies closer to people with dementia. That’s why the alderwoman considers organizing Nobi group purchases for the citizens of Mechelen.



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