AZ Sint-Maarten: first hospital in the world with smart Nobi lamps

September, 21st 2022
By: Liesbeth Pyck

“Fall prevention is a major concern in hospital settings, especially in geriatrics. Through the room’s design, the provision of aids and very specific tips that we give patients, we do everything we can to prevent falls. Nobi’s smart lamp is like an ever-present guardian angel that helps us anticipate to avoid a fall or provide faster assistance in the event of a fall. It also provides the multidisciplinary team with data to analyse what preceded the fall. This can support us in further treatment and therapy and help us to avoid falls.”

– Dr Van Esbroeck (Head of the Geriatric Department)

Importance of fall prevention

Data from the Flanders Expertise Centre for Fall Prevention and Fracture Prevention shows that, worldwide, every second someone over 65 falls, every 11 seconds someone over 65 is admitted to hospital via emergency rooms after a fall, and every 19 minutes someone over 65 dies as a result of a fall.

“The vast majority of our geriatric patients are admitted to hospital after a fall. A fall is often not an isolated event for them; it’s usually an indicator of underlying problems. The fall itself can have a great impact on these fragile patients and their acquaintances. In addition to physical damage, a fall can also lead to psychosocial consequences. Increased insecurity, for example, can cause people to avoid certain activities. This can affect mobility and social contacts. Bruises or fractures result in a recovery process that often demands a lot of energy from older people. In extreme cases, falls also have an impact on mortality. These are all reasons why fall prevention is so important.”

In the interest of patients and staff

Nobi’s smart lamps ensure that caregivers can provide immediate assistance at all times. This gives them peace of mind. Nobi also helps prevent falls, giving them a sense of control. In time, Nobi will also assume some administrative tasks. That is another way to relieve pressure on the hard-working employees at AZ Sint-Maarten.

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