The new Nobi: Care tech that proves beauty and function can coexist.

January, 5th 2023
By: The Nobi Team

The new Nobi: Care tech that proves beauty and function can coexist.

We’re incredibly excited to introduce the new Nobi at CES 2023. Our smart lamp for fall prevention and detection got a solid upgrade, both in design and technology. This makes it even more helpful and even less intrusive.

“Design is the key to helping age tech break through on a large scale.”
– co-founder and CEO Roeland Pelgrims


All-in on empathetic product design, leaving stigma at the door

Most technology solutions for seniors are primarily functional. And it shows. They are often grey, lacking in aesthetics and not user-friendly. Ageing is already an emotional experience for most people. There is no need for blood pressure monitors, glucose meters and other devices to add to that overwhelming feeling.

Why wouldn’t older adults deserve stylish and intuitive technology they want in their homes? Enter… empathy. Because we believe it is up to us, age-tech developers, to adapt to our target audience. To make products that effortlessly fit into the lives of older adults.


Shifting from care tech to caring consumer tech

Nobi has to be part of users’ daily lives in a very natural way. That’s also why the New Nobi pays even more attention to design. For the latest version, we invited older adults to contribute their ideas to refine the design. That way, we meet the target group’s needs even better.

“The New Nobi is simple, discrete, cozy and friendly. Truly the perfect roommate.”

The new shape is inspired by the lines of a classic ceiling light, making it both stylish and timeless. The magic happens inside. The lamp contains sophisticated, high-tech equipment, but it’s wrapped in something quite familiar. You don’t see or notice any of that complicated technology.


Updated technology that’s even more helpful

The New Nobi will include radar technology, making the smart lamp even more versatile and high-performing.

In the future, it’ll be possible to monitor vital signs such as coughing and breathing without physical contact, both when out of bed and asleep at night. This is the next step towards future-proof preventative care!

We also provided Nobi with:

  • enhanced noise-canceling audio to filter out loud background sounds like a TV or radio so the resident and the trusted contact person can understand each other optimally.
  • beamforming software that detects where the sound should be directed and the mic aimed for clear communication in critical moments.
  • a powerful processor and a new fisheye camera for even better performance and improved visual accuracy of the room.


Let’s light up the lives of the silver generation together

The New Nobi lamp will be available for residential care homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities worldwide from fall 2023. Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to reach out!


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