The smart lamp immediately knows when you fall and notifies your family.

You’ve reached a certain age and your children sometimes worry when you’re alone at home. You don’t want to move to a residential care centre and would much rather stay in your familiar environment.  In this case nobi offers the right solution.

Thanks to smart lamps, you can continue living at home without a care in the world. Nobi will notice when you fall and ask you if everything is okay. If not, she calls a family member or one of your neighbours. Through the lamp you can talk to them, without a telephone. If necessary, nobi will even open the front door.

Want to know more?

“Hello dad, are you all right?”

“No, Sophie, I fell”

“I'm coming”


of the elderly who do not receive help within the hour, will no longer be able to live independently.

24/7 monitoring

Nobi works without batteries and is alert at any time of the day. So you never have to think about it


Unobtrusively present in the form of a lamp.


Thanks to a clever algorithm, nobi detects a fall and nobody is watching.

What can nobi do for you?

Fall prevention

Nobi will detect whether you are leaving your bed at night. At that moment the lights will turn on so you don’t get disoriented and have clear sight.

Dehydration help

Summers are getting hotter. Drinking enough water is important.When it gets hot, nobi will invite you to regularly drink, helping you avoid dehydration.

Air quality monitoring

Nobi constantly monitors the air quality and notifies you in case of an increase of CO2 values so that you can open the windows.

Smoke and CO detection

In case nobi detects smoke or CO, she will make the lights flash, emit an alarm sound and warn your contacts.

Alarm function in case of burglary

The integrated alarm is set automatically when you leave your home or when you go to sleep. In the event of a break-in, your contacts are notified. If everything turns out to be in order, your contacts will also be notified.

Recognise patterns

When nobi notices that you are not moving or responding for an extended period, your contacts will receive an alert message.

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