Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How is nobi installed?

The installation of nobi is simple and can be installed by an experienced handyman.  If you wish, we can do the installation for you.

How does nobi guarantee my privacy?

Thanks to the powerful processor that the nobi lamps are equipped with, images in the lamp are analyzed without being sent to the cloud.

The lamps only communicate events such as falls, burglaries, smoke detection, …

You decide who has access to your data and alerts.

How can I control the nobi lamps?

The nobi lamps replace existing lamps. You can simply put them on and off  with the existing lightswitches.

How many lamps do I need to cover my home?

In order to guarantee 100% coverage of the home, a lamp is required in each room.  For the bedroom and living space, there is a large hanging lamp.

For the other rooms, nobi provides a smaller ceiling lamp. This can also be used in humid areas such as bathrooms.

What if my family is unreachable?

Nobi will first ask you if you have fallen, if you answer yes or if you don’t respond, nobi will contact your trusted contacts. You can set these up yourself.

However, if none of your trusted contacts answer, nobi will put you in touch with a dispatch team. They will listen to you and, if necessary, provide you with appropriate help.

What can nobi do if I don’t fall but still need help?

In addition to a fall, it can of course happen that you need other help. At that moment you can press the wireless panic button and nobi will contact your family. A call will be set up through the lamp so that they can immediately hear what is going on.

When does nobi open the door?

In the event of a fall or when the panic button is pressed, nobi will inform the trusted contacts. These contacts also receive a link to unlock the door for 4 hours.

This can also be done remotely so that help can be let in.

Do I need to have internet and wifi installed?

Our smart lamps have a SIM module on board.  This means that they work completely independently and no existing internet connection is required.

What colour temperature do the nobi lamps produce?

The lamps are equipped with both hot and cold light and adapt to the natural light during the day (so-called circadian light).  This way, nobi improves sleep, health and well-being.

Does nobi work when there are several residents?

Nobi is currently intended for senior people living alone. This is also where the added value is greatest because nobi ensures that help is provided quickly after a fall. In this way, the consequential damage is kept to a minimum.

Do I need a smartphone to use nobi?

You need a smartphone to set up nobi. This can be done by the inhabitant or by a family member, son or daughter for example.

What happens when I fall in the dark?

The nobi lamps are equipped with infrared LEDs and can detect a fall (or burglary) even in complete darkness.

What about pets?

Nobi can easily be used in homes where pets also live.  Our lamps know the difference between a pet and a human being and will not sound an unnecessary alarm.

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