As the population grows and life expectancy improves, more and more senior citizens will need care. This will have a significant impact on government policy, housing solutions and the living environment for senior citizens.

Nobi Mission & Vision

By investing in technology that makes people feel happy and safe at home for longer, we can meet the challenges of the future. The Nobi smart lamps efficiently support care personnel and allow them to fully concentrate on their core mission: helping the elderly to live a happy and comfortable life.

Our smart – subtly designed – lamps provide peace of mind for seniors and their families, while improving care and communication.

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By investing in technology that makes people feel happy and safe at home for longer, we can meet the challenges of the future.

Smarter as a team

Niels Avonds

Niels is an embedded software architect with roots in the smart home market. He is passionate about modern technology batteries and cybersecurity. Niels loves endurance running, travelling around the world and everything related to food.

Stijn Verrept

Stijn has a lifelong career on the touchpoint between care and technology. He likes the dynamics a startup brings and gets really excited by good design. Stijn is a sushi addict, cook, photographer and an aspiring latte art professional.

Guy Cools

Guy has a longstanding career converting ideas into products. Combining ideas, electronics and software to realise the ideal solution. Guy is also passionate about running, cooking and craft beers.

Hans Stevens

Hans has a passion for technology and creating products. He has a broad experience in various startups. Besides technology he also passionate about live music, good food and running.

Stijn Bruggeman

Stijn has been programming since a young age and is fascinated by safe software and IoT. He loves cooking, yoga, meditation and sports.

Brice Dessain

Brice loves to develop and grow businesses. He enjoys working in an international context and meeting people from other countries and cultures. Brice is an amateur triathlete, world foodie and passionate about reading history and novels.

Muriel Nuyens

Muriel loves to create brands. She is passionate about design and communication and always looking for a unique way of presenting a company. She likes to spend her free time with friends, swimming, and traveling.



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