Works with the nobi

Via Bluetooth, nobi can be connected to numerous accessories.

Opening the door

Bold smart lock

Bold Smart Lock

The Bold smart lock replaces the existing cylinder in your lock. This allows Nobi to unlock your door in case of problems. The lock has a battery life of 2 years.

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0

Mount the Nuki Smart Lock over the existing cylinder and key. The installation takes less than 3 minutes and is done without screws or drills.

Monitoring your health

A&D Blood Pressure monitor

The A&D blood pressure monitor measures your blood pressure and pulse at the push of a button. The meter has been clinically validated according to the guidelines of the European Hypertension Society (ESH), so that you can have complete confidence in the measurements.

A&D smart scale

A&D Precision Health Scale

The Precision Scale is a scale that is accurate and easy to use. Just step on the scale to start the measurement. This buttonless operation makes the scale easy to use for a wide range of users.

A&D bluetooth thermometer

A&D thermometer

The Precision Digital thermometer is fast and accurate, and monitors your health more closely. An illuminated LED flashes and a beeping sound indicates when the measurement is complete.

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