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Since the founding of Nobi in 2018, our team has grown into an international group of bright enthusiasts. Nobi continues to grow, year after year. That is why we are always looking for new talent. Would you like to shine your light on the future of healthcare? Do you have a soft spot for the kind of technology that could disrupt an entire industry? Would you like to join #TeamNobi and make a difference for millions of senior citizens throughout the world? Then keep reading.

Our values

Human Impact

Each individual at Nobi want to make a difference in the company, but more importantly for millions of people worldwide.


We are all included and interested in every aspect of the company, to understand how we can help each other and how to improve.


Everyone gets to be their authentic selves, without judgement, and with room to make decisions that match that. Transparency and honesty are key.


Each of us has their own values and deserves to be treated with respect and warmth. That counts for people who work at Nobi, but also towards partners, competitors, clients and individuals worldwide.

Growth mindset

Growing ourselves and the company are central values of Nobi. We strive for optimization. Mistakes are encouraged, as this will always help us to push forward. This counts for our people, the company but also the social context we work in.

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