Meet Sebastiaan Bas: Head of International Business Development

September, 13th 2022
By: Nobi

What’s your background, Sebastiaan? 

I’ve always been involved in companies that focused on sales as well as innovation. Our world is transforming fast and I believe a lot of solutions will come from smart technology. Simply selling a product is not enough anymore. You have to be meaningful in the life of your customers. It’s a philosophy I’ve put to work in every professional challenge up to now. At Nobi, I can bring it to the next level.


“Simply selling a product is not enough anymore. You have to be meaningful in the life of your customers.”


What brought you to Nobi?

I‘ve always known the potential of digitalization and Artificial Intelligence. When Nobi CEO Roeland – whom I’ve known for a long time – told me about Nobi I was immediately intrigued. It offers an easy and attractive solution for a major risk senior citizens and their entourage are confronted with. When Roeland invited me to join them and become an international business development manager I didn’t have to think twice.


“Nobi offers an easy and attractive solution for a major risk senior citizens and their entourage are confronted with.”


What makes Nobi different?

We’re still young but not a start-up anymore. I’d call Nobi a scale-up. The technology is proven and unique, our structure is ready for expansion and we have the backing of investors that provide the necessary funds for us to grow. That said, on the job it still feels like a start-up. It’s very hands-on, which I like because it offers opportunities and as an individual you can play a meaningful part in the success of the company.

In what way?

As head of international business development, I’m involved in practically every aspect of the business. I don’t watch things from the sidelines but actively visit clients and help with the onboarding of Nobi smart lamps. It offers us valuable insights and tells us more about the needs of the users. What are their experiences? Every country has its own practices and regulations. Sometimes it comes down to simple things that look trivial but are not. In some countries for example customers remarked that three holes instead of two in the lamp would make it easier in mounting the lamp to the ceiling. Together with our head of manufacturing we made some adjustments to the lamp and can service the people in those markets even better.


“I’m involved in practically every aspect of the business. Actively visiting clients offers us valuable insights and tells us more about the needs of the users.”


And the Nobi lamp? What makes it so special?

For me the universal aspect of Nobi is what makes it unique. Through my international contacts I see many cultural differences, regulations and industry norms. But Nobi is embraced everywhere as the ideal solution for a common problem. Aside of that, there’s the technology of Nobi. I can’t think of any other device so efficient and inobtrusive as this smart lamp. Whoever you are or wherever you live, Nobi is a smart choice.

Does that mean it’s easy to generate new business?

Yes and no. A virtual demo of Nobi for potential resellers or people from care facilities is always met with great enthusiasm. They immediately see the effectiveness of the smart lamp and understand how much time it can save for them and their employees, and how quality time it can create for the senior customers they are servicing. But of course, every market has its specific demands and dynamics. Knowing the policies of governing and certification bodies is also crucial. What helps us is the fact that Belgium is highly regarded internationally when it comes to build quality. Also the fact that we’re used to very strict regulations gives a lot of trust in countries like Japan. There’s a lot of interest there for Nobi.


“Belgium is highly regarded when it comes to engineering, build quality and strict regulatory compliance. That builds a lot of trust around the globe.”


Other markets where Nobi finds its way to?

We see a lot of possibilities in Asia-pacific. Just as in other parts of the world they are looking for answers to the ageing theme. Down under they motivate people actively in living as long as possible at home. The way they experiment with financial incentives is very interesting. Senior citizens are rewarded with a budget from the government if they find ways to live longer independently at their own place. That way government supports its elderly to embrace new and technological driven solutions in a much faster way than in other parts of the world. A smart lamp like Nobi can be instrumental for them. Then there are countries where senior care is organized through large nursing homes or resorts. The United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and the United States for example. And then there are regions where elderly care is organized locally and decentralized, like Scandinavia for example. As I said earlier Nobi appeals to all types of markets and situations. It’s the first assistive device that brings design and intelligent technology together in a way that makes it attractive for large care facilities as well as individual homes.

Where do you see Nobi and yourself in 5 years?

I’m quite sure you’ll see Nobi pretty much all over the globe. Our smart lamps are the right answer to societal challenges, due to a fast ageing society that will be difficult to ignore in the near future. The coming years I’ll be focusing on expanding the global business development department. In the near future every market will have its own Head of Nobi and several ambassadors that will spread the word. I don’t think I’ll be bored anytime soon here. So much to do, so much to explore!

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