Living longer, safely and happily at home

We prefer to live in our familiar home environment for as long as possible. Unfortunately, physical and mental decline has an impact on our safety. For example, one in three people over the age of 65 falls at least once a year. When we live alone, there is often no one in the house to raise the alarm after a fall, which means that help is a long time coming. This is a pity, because the sooner we get help, the smaller the chance of serious, permanent consequences and the more years of quality life we can save.

Thanks to the smart lamps from Nobi, you can continue to live independently for longer. Nobi notices when you fall and asks if everything is all right. If not, she calls a family member or one of your trusted contacts. Through the lamp you can contact them and they can reassure you that help is on the way. If necessary, Nobi can even open the front door to help you more quickly. In this way nobi restores your self-confidence and provides peace of mind. Not only for you, but also for your family. In this way, nobi makes it possible for you to live safely and happily at home for longer.

Nobi smart lamp

24/7 monitoring

Nobi is alert at any time of the day without needing to be activated.


Unobtrusively present in the form of a lamp.


Nobi will only send visuals, if approved, to the platform when a fall occurs.

No adjustment needed

To install Nobi, you only need electricity and a working WiFi connection. You can simply replace your old ceiling lamp with a Nobi.

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What else does Nobi provide?

Fall prevention

When you sit up in bed, Nobi gently turns on the light in order to avoid causing disorientated. After getting out of bed, the lamp will light your path.

Sleep reports

Nobi provides you with sleep reports, so pattern changes can be spotted early on.

Measures air quality & temperature

Nobi constantly monitors air quality and temperature.

Nobi at your place

My number 1 favourite product from CES2021 is the Nobi smart lamp. It has all the smart lamp features but most important: it can save your live

Dave Leclair from MakeUseof

This is probably the most innovative health-cum-productivity tech to be launched at the CES 2021.


Digital Trends lists Nobi in the  top 15 coolest things at CES 2021

Digital Trends

Nobi winner of the CES 2021 Editor’s Choice Awards

USA Today/Reviewed

Nobi stands out from the pack, not so much because of any flashy features, but rather a kind of practicality it brings to the table. Created by a Belgian startup of the same name, the ceiling-mounted smart light features motion sensors and infrared detection.

Tech Crunch

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