The smart lamp immediately knows when the inhabitant falls and notifies their family.

    Your parents have reached a certain age and would rather stay in their familiar environment. You as their children sometimes worry when they are alone at home. In this case, the smart lamps by Nobi offer the right solution.

    Thanks to Nobi and Nobita (the smaller version of our Nobi), they can continue living at home without a care in the world. Nobi will notice when an inhabitant falls and asks you if everything is okay. If not, she calls a family member or one of their trusted contacts. Through the lamp they can talk to them without a telephone. If necessary, Nobi will even open the front door.

    Nobi smart lamp

    24/7 monitoring

    Nobi works without batteries and is alert at any time of the day. So you never have to think about it.


    Unobtrusively present in the form of a lamp.


    Thanks to a clever algorithm, Nobi detects a fall and nobody is watching.

    No adjustment needed

    Easy installation: no need for new cables. The ceiling light is simply replaced by Nobi.

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    What else does Nobi provide?

    Fall prevention

    When the inhabitant sits up in bed, Nobi lets the lights burn gently. When the inhabitant gets up, the lighting goes on fully. This way he/she immediately sees where they are.

    Prevents dehydration

    Summers are getting warmer, so drinking enough is a must. On warm days, Nobi encourages the inhabitant to drink enough water. This prevents dehydration.

    Recognizes patterns

    Nobi notices when the habits change. Does the inhabitant suddenly sleeps a lot more, does he or she goes to the toilet more often, or does Nobi notice that they use the kitchen less? Then Nobi gives a signal to their family or trusted contacts.

    Measures air quality

    Nobi constantly monitors air quality. The inhabitant will be notified when the CO2 values ​​are too high so that they can open the windows.

    Detects intrusion

    The integrated alarm also protects the inhabitant against burglary. Nobi's alarm function can switch itself on automatically. Burglary and glass breakage are immediately detected.

    Reports fire

    When smoke is detected, an alarm sounds and the inhabitants' family is notified. Nobi also asks them to open the windows for CO2 detection.

    Nobi at your place

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