Nobi steals Gold Consumer Henry van de Velde award

February, 5th 2021
By: Stijn Verrept

The Henry van de Velde Awards put projects, products and services in the spotlight that show the added value of design from its most varied side. Today, all favorites within their category were awarded a Henry van de Velde Gold 2021 award. Nobi won the Consumer Award in this election and was thus chosen by the jury as the product par excellence that makes your life easier and also stands out with its sleek design. The fact that Nobi tackles a problem – namely falls in the elderly – and combines this in a stylishly designed utensil, has also not left the jury unaffected. According to the jury of 16 design experts of the Henry van de Velde Awards this project is unique in the world and significant changes in a positive way the perspective of elderly people.

Many people who fall and need help are willing to use healthcare technology in the form of an alarm button, for example. Unfortunately, 80% of those people fail to sound the alarm when they need help. By bringing together our team of specialists in smart home and elderly care, we have succeeded in developing Nobi, a smart care lamp that is always present unnoticed.

Stijn Verrept and David Dos Santos

We could never have won this award without the help of some dedicated partners:

  • Bert De Haes, co-founder of Nobi, for the brilliant idea of our smart fall-detecting lamp. Bert is someone who has the incredible talent to come up with solutions that once they have been devised, are self-evident to everyone and have never occurred to anyone until Bert has thought of it.
  • Nobi wouldn’t exist without our passionate team. A big thank you to them for their unwavering persistence in developing the world’s smartest lamp that saves lives.
  • In addition, we would like to put David from Studio Dos Santos in the spotlight, who has managed to put our smart lamp in a friendly, soft, and beautiful design that fits into any interior without giving the impression that it serves the needy. Mission more than accomplished.

Would you like to read more about the collaboration between Nobi and Studio Dos Santos? Antwerp. Powered by Creatives recently brought this great article (in Dutch) about it.

The Henry van de Velde Awards were presented for the 27th time today by Flanders DC and are the most important design prizes in Belgium. All winners were fine examples of innovative, qualitative, and inspiring design and we are pleased that we as Nobi have conquered a place in this list.

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