The smart lamp supports caregivers in your service flat or residential care centre.

    The staff of a residential care centre of service flat cannot have eyes on every elder on each moment of the day. Certainly at night, when there is less staff present, the smart lamps of Nobi can be a great help.

    Not only when residents fall and the staff is notified the Nobi lamp comes in handy. The other functions of Nobi or Nobita (the smaller version) are equally helpful here. Integration with blood pressure monitors, automated lighting when rising from the bed or continuous measurements of room temperature or air quality? The Nobi lamp really is an all-rounder at a residential care centre or service flat.

    Nobi smart lamp

    24/7 monitoring

    Nobi works without batteries and is alert at any time of the day. So you never have to think about it.


    Unobtrusively present in the form of a lamp.


    Thanks to a clever algorithm, Nobi detects a fall and nobody is watching.

    No adjustment needed

    Easy installation: no need for new cables. The ceiling light is simply replaced by Nobi.

    Integrate Nobi into your residential care center or service flat

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    What else does Nobi provide?

    Fall prevention

    Nobi will detect whether a resident is leaving his or her bed at night. At that moment the lights will turn on so the resident doesn’t get disoriented and has clear sight.

    Night watch

    When rather immobile residents leave their beds at night, the caregivers are notified. It is possible to alarm the staff when residents are worryingly long at the toilets or when residents exit their flats or rooms at night.

    Air quality monitoring

    Nobi constantly monitors the air quality and room temperature and notifies you in case of increased CO2 values so that you can open the windows.

    Smoke and CO detection

    In case Nobi detects smoke or CO2, she will make the lights flash, emit an alarm sound and warn your trusted contacts.

    Care record

    Nobi can be linked with the health care record of the resident in a residential care centre or service flat. By doing so, double input is avoided and a clean transfer of Nobi’s parameters like blood pressure, temperature and weight is easier than ever.

    Nobi installed in a residential care center

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