What does Nobi monitor?

  • Fall prevention

Nobi will detect whether a resident is leaving his or her bed at night. At that moment the lights will turn on so the resident doesn’t get disoriented and has clear sight.

  • Night watch

When rather immobile residents leave their beds at night, the caregivers are notified. It is possible to alarm the staff when residents are worryingly long at the toilets or when residents exit their flats or rooms at night.

  • Air quality monitoring

Nobi constantly monitors the air quality and room temperature and notifies you in case of increased CO2 values so that you can open the windows.

  • Smoke and CO2 detection

In case Nobi detects smoke or CO2, she will make the lights flash, emit an alarm sound and warn your trusted contacts.

  • Care record

Nobi can be linked with the health care record of the resident in a residential care centre or service flat. By doing so, double input is avoided and a clean transfer of Nobi’s parameters like blood pressure, temperature and weight is easier than ever.