What does Nobi monitor at your place?

  • Fall prevention

Nobi will detect whether you are leaving your bed at night. At that moment the lights will turn on so you don’t get disoriented and have clear sight.

  • Dehydration help

Summers are getting hotter. Drinking enough water is important. When it gets hot, Nobi will invite you to regularly drink, helping you to avoid dehydration.

  • Air quality monitoring

Nobi constantly monitors the air quality and notifies you in case of increased CO2 values so that you can open the windows.

  • Smoke and CO2 detection

In case Nobi detects smoke or CO2, she will make the lights flash, emit an alarm sound and warn your contacts.

  • Alarm function in case of burglary

The integrated alarm is set automatically when you leave your home or when you go to sleep. In the event of a break-in, your contacts are notified. If everything turns out to be in order, your contacts will also be notified.

  • Recognise patterns

When Nobi notices that you are not moving or responding for an extended period, your contacts will receive an alert message. When you have a sudden change in habits like number of toilet visits, Nobi can alert your trusted contacts.