As the population grows and life expectancy improves, more and more senior citizens will need care. This will have a significant impact on government policy, housing solutions and the living environment for senior citizens.

Nobi Mission & Vision

By investing in technology that makes people feel happy and safe in their desired environment for longer, we can meet the challenges of the future. First, our smart lamps were designed to support elder people living at home, on their own. But the advantages of the Nobi smart lamps are undeniable in service flats and residential care centres too. Nobi lamps efficiently support care personnel and allow them to fully concentrate on their core mission: helping the elderly to live a happy and comfortable life.

Our smart and subtly designed lamps provide peace of mind for seniors and their families, while improving care and communication. The jury of the prestigious Henry van de Velde Awards 2021 praised this. We are so, so proud at Nobi with our two awards: Business Innovation and Gold Consumer Award!


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By investing in technology that makes people feel happy and safe for longer, we can meet the challenges of the future.  

Together we are smarter

Stijn Verrept

Stijn has a lifelong career on the touchpoint between care and technology. As CEO of Nobi, Stijn likes the dynamics a startup brings and gets really excited by good design. Stijn is a sushi addict, cook, photographer, and aspiring latte art professional.

Roeland Pelgrims

Roeland is a serial entrepreneur with a background in law, linguistics, psychology & economics. Forging valuable partnerships and driving companies to growth is what makes him tick. As co-founder of Nobi, Roeland focuses on business development and investor relations. He is a piano aficionado and a travel junkie.

Bert De Haes

Bert is a lifelong inventor with a passion for technology and a talent for innovation. As the creative father of the Nobi lamp and co-founder of the company, he continuously strives to improve the match between the solutions we develop and the people that need them most. When looking for Bert, try Zeeland: it’s at the shores of the Veerse Meer that his best ideas are born.

Sven De Proft

Sven is an ambassador with a passion for people, care and novelties. Nobi offers the perfect added value in all those areas. Sven likes what his colleagues create, including delicious food, and likes to watch sports. His broad life experience in a mix of work-life makes him a pleasant partner who is always looking for added value for his contacts.

Niels Avonds

Niels is an embedded software architect with roots in the smart home market. He is passionate about modern technology batteries and cybersecurity. Niels loves endurance running, travelling around the world and everything related to food.

Molly Verbeeck

Molly has a passion for communication and marketing. She is enthusiastic about the right balance between PR and marketing in order to reach as many people as possible and to encourage a brand. Molly is a Greece aficionado and enjoys a good workout and a good glass of wine with friends in her spare time.



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