Everyone deserves to grow old in a dignified, safe and happy manner. Nobi  wants to guarantee the right to quality care for the elderly. That’s not always easy given the global aging context in which the happiness of more and more older adults is in the hands of fewer and fewer  caregivers. The smart lamp Nobi watches over older adults. She wants to make a fundamental difference in  the lives of the elderly and their family. But also in the lives of caregivers. Nobi supports them with repetitive tasks so that their valuable time can go to tasks that really make a difference. Going back to warm care.

Nobi is the smartest lamp in the world.

She is a guardian angel that keeps people safe, 24/7. Artificial intelligence is the core. If someone  falls, Nobi provides accurate and immediate alerts. If help is needed, Nobi makes sure that caregivers know  about it. The clear speech-listening connection also ensures reassuring, often life-saving communication.

Nobi is a guide in people’s lives.

Both during the day and at night. When a resident gets out of bed, Nobi automatically switches on the light. 

Nobi is about quality of life, about security. It’s also about peace of mind.

Not only for people in need of care, but also for family members and caregivers. Every care worker wants to  provide good care – and Nobi supports this. Their precious time is spent on tasks that really make a  difference to older adults.

Nobi is a stylish lamp. Privacy is central.

Nothing in its design resembles care technology, but it’s in there – discreet and ‘privacy proof’. 

Nobi, a forward-looking team player

Nobi believes in constant evolution through innovation as well as through partnerships. The lamp is a central  hub that enjoys cooperating with other applications and technologies. They work together as a team to  ensure a healthy and happy life for older adults. The centralised data also provides valuable insights and  more intelligent management. 

Nobi stands for simplicity.

All Nobi needs is electricity and WiFi. Care of the future can be that simple today.


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By investing in technology that makes people feel happy and safe for longer, we can meet the challenges of the future.  

Together we are smarter

Roeland Pelgrims

co-founder and CEO

Stijn Verrept

co-founder and CTO

Bert De Haes

co-founder and Head of Innovation



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