Under the Nobi lamp with…Sven De Proft

January, 4th 2022
By: Nobi team

In our ‘Under the Nobi lamp with…’ column, Nobi likes to put all our valuable team members in the spotlight. Today Nobi proudly presents: Sven, Sales Director at Nobi.


Enlighten us, who is Sven?

Well, I’m a proud ambassador of Nobi with about 25 years of experience in B2B environments. My area of expertise is the elderly health care sector. But I’m also a guy who likes establishing connections and building networks. What makes me atypical as a sales person is that I’m much less about numbers than I am about people. Of course everything has to add up in the end, but I’m not into hard-selling. There has to be a twinkle of excitement, something that makes me believe in the added value of the product I am presenting, or I’d rather not bother.

So when Nobi came knocking on your door, did their lamp immediately spark your interest?

Yes, absolutely. I had actually reached the point in my career where my passion for the health care sector was slowly fading. When your job is confined to spreadsheets and targets, it’s time to rethink your professional path. So I started a career in business development in the automotive sector, which I did for about three years. And then Stijn (Verrept, Nobi’s CEO) phoned me and said: ‘Hey, Sven, I’m working on something new, we’re calling it Nobi.’

My curiosity was instantly prompted. The rest, as they say, is history. Only in Nobi’s case, I immediately felt in was history in the making.

Why do like Nobi so much?

Well, let’s just say it’s a real pleasure introducing the lamps to the residential care centers I have come to know so well over the past eleven years. I honestly believe we can make the world a better place because of them. We can actually help people cope with their vulnerabilities, by offering them a solution that is both beautifully designed, easy-to-use and life-altering at the same time.

So it’s not like you took a leap in the dark by saying yes to Nobi?

No. The buzzword these days is ‘empowerment’, but with Nobi we’re not just illustrating the need for solutions that correspond to new demographic realities, we’re actually highlighting the importance of technology in all of this – and introducing it into people’s homes.

All this talk about Nobi has you beaming!

You bet! What we’re offering now (prevention, detection and communication) is just the beginning. When I think about all the other possibilities that lie ahead of us in terms of artificial intelligence and extra features, I really see Nobi as a game-changer. Thanks to the technological wizardry of Niels and the vision of our founders, inpatients’ lives will improve, family members will have less to worry about and caretakers will have time to focus on actually spending time with their patients. That’s how Nobi will make sure quality of life doesn’t get reduced to numbers on spreadsheets, but remain at the forefront of the care our loved ones are entitled to.

It sounds like we should buckle up for a promising future.

Absolutely. In the light of what Nobi has in store for us, I’m glad to be representing the company. It’s ironic for someone who comes from the automotive sector to now be working for what we jokingly refer to as ‘the Tesla among lamps’. Nobi is smart, highly reliable and, trust me, our future looks a lot brighter because of it.

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