With Nobi, the Netherlands chooses future-oriented elderly care

June, 28th 2022
By: Nobi

Nobi makes the first steps in the Netherlands to bring the light of technology to Dutch elderly care. Nobi smart lamps have been hung to support caregivers of the Wiardi Hoeve. Together, we strive for renewed, future-oriented elderly care where people’s happiness is central. Thanks to Nobi, the staff of the small-scale residential care facility in Gelderland can provide immediate help after a fall. The lamp also prevents accidents; in the future also by providing insights into the living patterns of the residents. 

Esther Kempenaar, co-owner of the Wiardi Hoeve explains: “We have one resident who regularly slips out of bed at night. The smart lamp notifies us of the fall and helps us discern a pattern. Her sleep rhythm is tracked so we can see if she falls at a specific time and act accordingly. We have adapted our care so that she now sleeps more peacefully.” Pelgrims, CEO of Nobi says “In the future, the lamp will also be able to detect changes in behavior when, for example, someone suddenly has difficulty walking or displays cognitive decline”. 

Nobi will also be available for older adults at home by the middle of 2023.

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