Safe and Happy Living

Fall detection and fall prevention

At Nobi, we believe that everyone has the right to grow old with dignity and happiness. With our smart Nobi lamp, we want to take an extra step in that direction. It guarantees quick help in the event of a fall, thereby ensuring safety and peace of mind. Nobi does this at home or in a care facility.

Its focus:

  • Fall detection
    The AI-powered smart lamp detects any falls and immediately calls for help.
  • Fall prevention
    Disorientation at night is partially prevented and the risk of falling is significantly reduced thanks to the use of indirect light. In addition, falls teach us valuable lessons that can help make a room ‘fall-proof’.
  • Monitoring vital signs
    Thanks to new technologies, Nobi will soon be able to predict falls and detect other health indicators. It will be possible to measure breathing and detect persistent coughing.

All this makes Nobi the ideal partner for older adults, their families and caregivers – wherever they live.

24/7 monitoring

Nobi is alert both day and night without having to be activated.


A regular lamp with state-of-the-art technology that lights up any room.


Images of a fall will only be shared with family members or caregivers if explicit permission was granted in advance.

Quicky & easy installation

Nobi replaces the existing ceiling lamp, so additional cabling is unnecessary. To install Nobi, you only need electricity and a working WiFi connection.


of all senior citizens who remain on the floor for longer than one hour die within six months of the fall. Quick response is crucial.

Nobi in a nutshell

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